General Information

Bill shares personal stories and original creations, as well as myths, folk tales and legends from around the world that illustrate the values all cultures have in common.  

These tales, both ancient and new, pass on the universal wisdom gained by thousands of years of human experience, and celebrate the diversity of the human family.  

The stories invite new perceptions and greater understanding of ourselves, of others and of the world we share.


Bill’s programs are highly participatory, and are presented in a lively and dynamic style, with just the right blend of humor, gentleness and warmth.  Bill’s love of the beauty and playfulness of the spoken word shines through each story he tells.  Words are his favorite toys!

Puppets, simple musical instruments, and rhymes are sprinkled throughout each program to provide added interest and excitement!

“A storyteller who knows his craft, appreciates          his audience and enjoys his work!”

            The Quarryville Advertiser, PA

“Stories spark  the  

imagination and magnify our idea of the world, and of our vision of ourselves-in-the-world.”

             Nouk Bassomb

            Professor of Ethnology        

Person to person

and generation to generation.

Stories build bridges from