Preschools/Fees* and Guidelines

 Appropriate ages:

    Programs are most appropriate for ages 3 and up. 2 year olds are welcome so long as the number of children under 3 does not make up more than one-quarter of the total audience. No one under 2 yrs. old should attend the program unless prior arrangements are made.   

Audience size:

     60 children is the maximum audience size.  However, I find that an audience of 20-40 is ideal. Fees are set to encourage smaller group sizes.


     Programs average 35-40 minutes, with the rule being “quit while they are still having fun!”


     $195.00 plus travel expenses; $150.00 if I'm already in your area.

     Additional back-to-back programs on same day are $45.00.  If I need to stay through lunch, then additional programs are $125.00.   

     The “additional program” fee applies even if presented at a different location.  So, if you are able to arrange more programs on the same day at a nearby location, you may split the total cost however you see fit.

*Fees effective thru 8/31/20.