Schools/Fees and formats for 2019-2020

Assembly Programs:

     This is the most commonly requested format allowing for the maximum # of students to enjoy the program in the shortest time frame.

Cost: $350 + $150/additional* on same day.  You may add a shorter program for just AM or PM Kindergarten for an additional $65. Discounts may be available for very small schools.

Grade Level Gatherings:

     This is my favorite format.  It allows for each grade level to choose the topic that best fits a current area of study.  The smaller audience size allows for greater interaction with the students and a brief Q&A after the program.

Cost: $275 + $125/additional* on same day.  

Classroom Visits: Please call for fees.

Follow up discussion session (30 min.): $100

     This could be held in the same room following an assembly, with a grade level or individual classes.

Follow up workshop (45 min): $150

     Held with individual classes, workshops could focus on either a writing project or a public speaking presentation.  (See Workshops for more information.)

*Additional programs could be presented at a different, nearby location.