Summer Camp/Fees and guidelines*

 Appropriate ages:

    Programs are available for preschool (ages 2½ -5), and school-age campers.  While not mandatory, it is recommended that separate programs be scheduled for preschool and school age.  This allows for more age appropriate stories and manner of engaging the audience.   

Audience size:

     Preschool: 60 children maximum.  However, I find that an audience of 20-40 is ideal. Fees are set to encourage smaller group sizes.

     School-age: 200 children maximum.


     Preschool:     Approx. 35 minutes.

      School-age:  Approx. 50 minutes.


     Preschool: $195.00 plus travel expenses.  

     School-age: $225 plus travel expenses.  

     Additional back-to-back programs on same day are $45.00.  If I need to stay through lunch, then additional programs are $125.00.

     *The “additional program” fee applies even if presented at a different location.  So, if you are able to arrange more programs on the same day at a nearby location, you may split the total cost however you see fit.

SAVE!: If we can arrange a program for a day when I am in your area, the discounted fee is just $150.00!

*Fees in effect until 8/31/19