Educational benefits include:



“A room full of over 400 students hanging on every word!”

                             Joanne Rumpf, Principal; Radix Elem., Williamstown, NJ

 “I’m going to get the books with your stories, and I’m going to read every one tonight!”         Amanda , 2nd grader; Martin Blvd. Elem., Baltimore, MD

 “The program was wonderful!  The students were enthralled with the stories, and they loved the

      artifacts!  Supremely Educational!”     Susan Froning,  3rd grade teacher

                                                                Greenwood Elem. , Kennett Square, PA


                   “In a large study                  following children from

   pre-school through elementary  school, Dr. Wells (Institute for Studies in Education) and his colleagues found that the most powerful predictor of their school achievement was the

            amount of time spent listening to interesting stories.”

From “Endangered Minds”

By Jane Healy, Ph.D.


    Lively, dynamic programs that use quality oral language to build reading, writing and public speaking skills.

    An emphasis on learning and a focus on fun!!

   Available for assemblies, grade level gatherings or individual classroom visits. (See Fees & Formats)

meaningful by

connecting it to life experiences.