Schools/Available Topics

Live from the Library:  All of the stories in this program can be found in books! First children hear and enjoy the stories, then they are eager to find the books and read them on their own! (Available for gr. K-2 and 3-5 or perfect for a Family Reading Night program!)

Anti-Bullying/Conflict Resolution: “Gotta Get Along!”  Learn tips and tools to help you have “LUCK” getting along. (Available for gr. K-2 and 3-5)

Harvest and/or Halloween celebration: “Silly, Spooky, Sort of Shivery.”     Frightful, silly, fun, and with educational benefits too! (gr. K-2, 3-5, 6-8)

Winter Holidays: “A World of Giving.”  A multi-cultural look at winter holidays around the world, and a celebration of the simple act of giving! (gr. K-2 and 3-5)

Social Studies/Cultural Programs:  Music, language, photographs and cultural artifacts help immerse the audience in the lives of these other cultures.

   “One Day Coyote was Going Along: American Indian Legends.” (K-2, 3-5)

   “One World, Many Stories: Folktales of the World.” (K-2, 3-5 and 6-8)

   “A View from Mt. Fuji: Tales from Japan.” (K-2, 3-5)

Story Genres (Language Arts): Hear examples of the chosen genre, and get ideas for writing your own!

    “Once Upon a Time.” (Fairy Tales)

    “Fooled Ya!” (Trickster Tales)

    “And the Moral is . . .” (Animal Fables)

    “Why in the World?” (How and Why Stories)

    “The Sky is the Limit.” (Tall Tales)

American History:

     “When America was Young: A Journey to Freedom.” Historical fiction and folklore demonstrate the struggles of various early Americans. (gr. 3-5)

     “Davy Crockett: American Folk Hero.” Hear history, tall tales and brag about this frontiersman who became a symbol of 19th century America. (gr. 3-5)

Environmental Science: “We all Breathe the Same Air!”  All things are inter-connected in the web of life, and one person can make a difference! (K-2, 3-5)

Family Night Stories: “When I was Your Age . . .” Stories about my childhood along with tips and suggestions for sharing your own family stories! (All ages)